Don’t step on the gas pedal before releasing the handbrake
No matter how positively you think or how many affirmations you use, you can not move forward before cleaning out the sorrows and angers from the past and eliminating the limiting beliefs. Without the release of the handbrake, a vehicle would have difficulty moving forward. Stepping on the gas pedal in this position, you would be able to move but only to a degree which is a lot less than your normal capacity.

Don’t drive while constantly looking at the rearview mirror
You move towards wherever you focus on. Constantly thinking and talking about the past will make it difficult for you to move forward. Those people who walked out on you or the wrong steps you took in the past do remain in the past. Focus on where you want to go. Consequently, you drive more safely.

Make sure you are driving towards the right direction
If you don’t like anybody or if people can drive you nuts, maybe it is you that have a problem instead of them. Make sure that you evaluate your situation in an objective manner and remember this funny story: One day, Temel was driving on the highway. He heard an announcement on the radio. “Attention, on highway E-5 there is a vehicle moving in the wrong direction.” After the announcement, Temel looks around carefully and says: “Hey man, there isn’t just one; all of these cars are coming in the opposite direction!” Your boss, sweetheart, family, colleagues and you; just wonder who is “coming in the opposite direction?”

To find out about your speed, look at the speedometer once in a while
If you are driving on an open road even 250 km/h could feel like you are driving very slowly. Look at the dashboard so that you can find out your real speed and how far you have come along. Majority of those people who say “I am unable to succeed, I am lacking something” actually forget to look at the dashboard. They are unaware of the distance that they have come along and at how many km/h they drive. Use your clear goals as your dashboard and adjust your speed accordingly. Don’t say “I am going very slowly” by looking around at other cars. According to your own wishes, determine when and where you want to go.

Don’t try to reach another place by driving on the same road
Once you determine that you are on a dead end road, don’t insist on that same road by hoping that maybe next time it might lead to your destination. It does not. The ones who say “I am tired” are generally from this group. They try the same road by thinking that they are trying a different road; once they become unable to reach their destination, both their power and hopes are diminished. In order to arrive at different destinations, try different roads and even different vehicles.

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