zestcoaching.net, lifecoach.net, relationshipcoach.net, careercoach.net as "the website".

1. Ratification of the Agreement
To be a member of the website, first of all it is required that you fill in the registration form and then agree and undertake to comply with the provisions of the user agreement for the website. By filling in and ratifying the registration form or getting any services using this system, the user agrees to be bound by the user agreement of the website.

2. Description of the Services
the website allows its members who ratify the agreement to gain access to members area.

3. Membership system for the website

  • Any member of the website has a “user name” and “password” which are determined by the member herself/himself.
  • The "user name" is personal to the member and the same “user name” is not given to two different members. The “password” is only known by the user. The user can change the password at any time. It is solely under the responsibility of the user to select and protect the password. the website is not liable for any problems, which may arise from the use of password.
  • the website informs the user about the promotions by emails. the website does not share the user information with the third party companies.
  • For the user to connect to the services, which require a membership of the website, the user must enter the user name and password. This process is called “login” to the website. In order to gain access to the paid membership area, the user should have paid for the service.

4. Responsibilities of the Member
During the use of the services of the website, the member accepts and undertakes:

  • The information in the registration form is correct; in the conditions that this information is required the member is the only responsible for any losses which may arise from any misinformation or inadequate information (ex. forgetting the password); and in these cases his/her membership may be terminated;
  • The copyright of services and trainings provided by the website belongs to the website and the member shall not reproduce and distribute the content or the trainings in any way,
  • The member is the sole responsible for all personal ideas, opinions, statements set forth by the member while using the services of the website and the personal information sent, and that in no way the website shall be held liable for these information,
  • The copyright of services and trainings provided by the website belongs to the website and the member shall not reproduce and distribute this training in any way,
  • not to access any services provided in the website unauthorized and in any way other than the one identified by the website; not to change the software in any way; not to use the software which is identified as being changed,
  • the website shall not be responsible for any damages which may arise from reading of data belonging to any members by any unauthorized people,
  • not to send any messages which are threatening, amoral, racially and contrary to the Laws of the Republic of Turkey and International agreements,
  • Any correspondences, titles, nicknames posted to the context shall not be contrary to the rules of public morality, good manners and laws,
  • not to harass and/or threaten other users,
  • not to act in a way affecting the use of services by other users,
  • not to post, print, distribute, circulate any amoral, inappropriate and unlawful materials and information which may give harm to the names of any people or institutions,
  • not to advertise, sell or offer to sell any products or services, engage in any activities such as survey, competition or chain letter,
  • not to use the services of the website for any commercial and advertising purposes without obtaining the consent of the website,
  • the website may monitor all system at any time or continuously,
  • In the event of any a non-compliance with the rules by the user, the website has the right to interfere when required and to take the member out of service and to end the membership of the user,
  • the website may use its system for commercial purposes,
  • not to record and misuse any personal information belonging to others,
  • The member himself/herself is responsible for all kinds of acts made under the “user” name,
  • The users must pay the service fee which is notified previously at the time of delivery of products; otherwise the products shall not be delivered to the users,

5. Authority of the website

  • the website may temporary suspend or completely cease the system operation at any time.
  • the website shall not have any responsibilities against the members of the website or any third parties due to the temporarily suspension or completely cessation of the system operation.
  • the website does not warrant that its services shall be provided on time in a secure and complete way, the results obtained from the services shall be correct and reliable, and that the service quality shall meet the expectations.
  • the website has the right to back-up and delete all or some of the files, messages which are provided by the members during the use of services for some periods deemed suitable by the website. the website shall not be held responsible for back-up and delete processes.
  • the website has the ownership and copyrights arising from the ownership of the information, documents, software, designs, graphics and etc. which are produced by itself and/or bought from outside.
  • the website has right to post any information which are member generated and uploaded to the system by the members and/or to transmit them to another place within the site deemed as appropriate by the website. It is probable that this information is copied and/or posted by other users. In such cases, the users shall not demand any royalty from the website.
  • the website may make any changes in the price or the content of the service that is delivered on the website,
  • the website may make any changes in the implementation of this agreement, and amend the existing articles or add new articles for the purpose of complying with any technical necessities and legislation which shall come into being in the future.
  • the website may change in time the services for which any membership is not required to a form, which requires membership. the website may provide addition services, change some of the services partially or completely, or transform into a paid service.

6. Restrictions for Non-Personal and Non-Commercial Use
The clients agree that all dealings are for the purpose of personal/private use, not for the purpose of resale.

7. Product Delivery
When the client completes the payment he/she will gain access to paid membership area.

8. Refund
No refund is applicable for the services that are obtained by Credit Card or Paypal payments.

9. Termination
the website may terminate this agreement unilaterally at any time.