What is your target? A different life?

If you are willing to discover new things in your life, start thinking in a whole new different way and ask questions that you have never asked before.

I classify my questions, ideas and beliefs as empowering and weakening. I only keep the ones that will enable me fulfill my targets. Just like cleaning my garden from all the witchgrass, I rip out the unnecessary ones and plant new ones that will be for my good. And this, I can teach to you, too.  And thus you may proceed towards your goals that we jointly decide upon with sound and safe steps.

  • Though it is totally related to the time you are to devote to achieve this, it takes three to four months on average to leave behind the old ways of thinking and replace it with new ones. So my expectation is that an effective coaching relationship will take about the same amount of time. From that point onwards, you will no longer need a coach since you will be the one to sit in the driver's seat.
  • I suggest that we have sessions once a week in order for you to keep up your concentration and to turn our practices into a habit.
  • Our sessions take approximately 1 hour.
  • The sessions in Istanbul are in the form of face to face interviews and as for clients outside of Istanbul, I do it over the telephone or via Skype. I find coaching over the telephone as effective as face to face coaching.
  • The questions I ask disclose the rights you believe in. I am also presenting you other options, however it is up to you to decide. I am not to direct you at all by imposing you what I find right.

A successful coach is the one that makes you think and reflect on things by asking questions. If you give answers such as 'I don't know; I have never thought of that before' and if you then start reflecting on such questions, that means you are on the right track. Quick answers come from the memory. An efficient coach saves you from your memorised notions. He motivates you to take steps you have never taken before.

All starts with an intention. Please give me a call when you are ready for it, when you intent to start a brand new life and wish to work with me. Let us together open the gates to your new life!