A phrase of affirmation that coincidentally catches you as you enter into this page:
I love myself and I naturally attract loving relationships into my life.
Only if you believe in coincidences(!) that is...

Words are like magic; so make sure that each word of yours is associated with your intentions, with the ultimate point you would like to reach. Even the slightest word that we utter is a command for our whole body, even for the whole universe. Thus thoughts that we focus on and words that we utter quite often, after a while, begin to become our reality.

Who knows what things have been told to you up until today! Who knows how many things are there that we have taken for granted and accepted without giving it a try or even noticing it just because it has been said so! But this doesn't matter anymore. What kind of a “you” you would like to create is what matters. As you create the new you of your dreams, always keep in mind the power of words, the power of affirmations that are in line with your goal. Repeat these words whenever you can; as you drive, just before you go to sleep, just as you wake up in the morning and take a look in the mirror; repeat them as often as you can and as loud as you can. Just like a school kid doing his homework, write down pages and pages of it. Writing is like a contract signed with the universe.

As these affirmations on our site will increase in number day by day, you will come across with brand new ones each time you visit. You may indeed benefit from these affirmations. However, if you would like to write your own affirmations, here are a couple of points to consider:

1. Make your affirmation a positive one! i.e. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Instead of saying “I don't want to be sick”, use phrases that are only composed of positive words like “I am totally healthy”.

2. Avoid the “I wish” phrase. Rather than saying “I'd like to lead a happy life”, say “I lead a happy life”. The universe approves all. You would only have to make do with wishing, as long as you say “I wish”. But once you say “I lead”, you will at that very instant receive the command in your cells that you indeed lead a happy life and then your cells will have you experience this.

3. Your phrases should involve clear goals of yours. Do not use ambiguous phrases like “I am losing weight”. If you are really willing to build a phrase about losing weight, say something like “I am 55 kg.s” which also involves your ideal weight, or you may even say “I am grateful for weighing 55 kg.s”

4. Avoid unclear expressions. Your phrases should be simple enough to be easily understood by all.

5. Use Present Continuous or Simple Present Tense rather than Future Tense as you speak. Say “I am extremely happy” rather than “I will be extremely happy”. Future Tense always postpones your desires and things that you'd like to live to a later stage. So, you may never be going through that stage.

6. Your affirmations should be about you, not about other people. Rather than saying “He should show some respect to me”, say “I deserve to be respected”.

7. You may soften your phrases. Soften your phrases that even you yourself have difficulty in believing in at the beginning and try to say “I am beginning to” or “I am learning to accept myself as I am” instead of saying “I am accepting myself as I am”. You may however, within time, convert these words to “I do accept”.

A japanese doctor named Masaru Emoto, with his great photographs of water crystals, beautifully presents how water transforms itself according to the words uttered, emotions felt, images shown and music listened to. When you consider the fact that 3/4 of our body is composed of water, you may come to develop a better understanding of what you may do to yourself and to your environment with each word you utter.

If you'd like to transform your life, make sure you change the words that you utter so that by using plenty of affirmations, you change your mood into a more positive one.

As you utter affirmations, do not solely utter them but also do them: “Since I keep on repeating 'I am rich' every day, I will probably get rich soon.” Do not ever fall for this. It is not enough only to program your mind. You have to, at the same time, take steps towards your goal. You must prepare an action plan and take action. You may, during this process, ask for assistance from a life coach.