What is Life Coaching?

Though there are numerous definitions of life coaching, an effective life coaching generally has the following attributes:

  • Techniques and simple strategies to take you from the current point you are to the point you would like to reach
  • Techniques to eliminate ideas and ways of thinking that are not positive or empowering
  • Support to help you get positive results and focus on the future rather than the past
  • Easy practices to add more meaning to your life and to make your own choices
  • Support to develop the necessary skills that will bring you the success

Life Coaching is for Whom?

  • For those who seek ways and means to realise their dreams and desires
  • For those who are willing to give a new direction to their lives
  • For those who are not satisfied with their current situation and feel themselves stucked
  • For those who are willing to get more pleasure out of life

You may consider working with us as your life coach if the phrases below do not exactly reflect your own situation:

  • I can easily say NO to others
  • I am full of energy as I leave work
  • Every day I do at least one thing that I enjoy
  • I clearly know what my expectations from life are
  • I know what exactly makes me happy and I take steps accordingly

What is the Difference of Coaching from Therapy or Consultation?

  • Coaching is not a therapy that goes deep into the analysis of the past
  • Coaching is rather about taking steps. It focuses on today and on tomorrow
  • Coaching is not a mode of consultation that provides answers to the questions of the  person who asks for consultation
  • The coach and the client jointly develops the road map to follow

At What Sort of Instances May Life Coaching Be Effective?

Coaching will work if the below conditions co-exist:

  • If the client is eager to learn, develop himself and take further steps
  • If the client is far away from the point he would actually like to be
These would suffice for a successful coaching relation that will enable you to decide upon the right strategy, realise your action plan and reach your goals.

How am I to Support You As Your Life Coach?

  • I will listen to you with no judgement at all
  • I will motivate you to determine your targets that you would really like to realise
  • I will assist you in finding your own right answers
  • I will ask you to do more than you have done yourself until this day
  • I will present you the tools, methodologies and support that you need to achieve more
  • I will assist you in focusing in a better way to get quicker results
  • I will make suggestions to you
  • I will motivate you to realise the things we have jointly decided

How Can You Get the Best Out of Coaching?

  • By being ready to re-discover yourself
  • By focusing on the things that you really want
  • By being well prepared as you come to the coaching sessions
  • By doing the practices as we decide to do so