Life coaching is to turn your dreams to plans and your plans to reality in the simplest sense of the word.

The work that you will carry out with your coach aims to take you away from the point you feel indecisive about or stucked onto. While doing that, we aim to use various techniques like helping you gain new perspectives. Thus you will get a chance to unfold the powers that you possess but never realised or made use of before and then you may steer your life to a new direction.

During the sessions, we develop a common strategy with you by taking your priorities into consideration.

We do not ask why or what for. We do not look back into the past. We rather concentrate on how you will make it from the current point you are standing at to the point you are aiming to arrive.

Life coaching is for people who have good mental condition but feel themselves unhappy at that specific point in time in their lives, who have difficulty in finding the right direction to follow or do not know how to proceed to that direction.

In life coaching, it is what you yourself find right that is put into action, not those of the coach.

The essence of the work is to ensure that you gain new perspectives as you regard the situation via questions posed and that you see other solutions that you never thought of before.

The life coach is in a way a guide. It is only possible to reach your goal if you walk with your coach on this path and fulfill all the weekly practices assigned.