My interest in self-development and a healthy lifestyle started long ago during my childhood. Having discovered the importance of corporal and spiritual health and well-being back then, as a child I used to sun-dry my own herbs to make spices, refused to eat food that I thought would bring no good, made search about the lives of Central Asian scientists who had well passed the age of 100 with a healthy and sound condition and I also tried to live according to their recommendations.

When I was at high school, I tried to follow the rather limited literature on self-development through the books of writers such as Dogan Cuceloglu and Dale Carnegie. Thanks to the 10 Volumes of Encyclopedia of the Unknown which I had never let go and kind of memorised every single item in, I came to realise the fact that humans have a body of energy, too.

I was among the first 40 students with the hightest score in Turkey in the university entrance exam and that was thanks to the preparations I had made by focusing on success, analysing myself and developing methodologies appropriate for me. This was actually in a way proving the success of my tailor-made self-development system.

During my years at Bosphorus University, Department of Business Administration, I used to attend the self-development workshops at the Psychological Guidance&Counseling Center on campus and at the same time I would travel around Europe with the money I earned by working part-time at organisation of events.

During my business life, I got to know about Reiki (Universal Healing Energy) and thus started learning about healing, i.e. natural and alternative treatment methods. I then came to recognise that healing may not be achieved only with energy and that things like healthy diet, exercise and management of the mind all complement one another within this process.

I have, at different time intervals, attended many training programmes given by different people including William Lee Rand, who was the one to introduce Reiki to the world. I have also attended Bilge Seker's self-development classes with the title “Journey to Our Inner Light” for 4,5 years. I have also been trained on Healing for a year by a Turk who had worked on this subject for many years in Central Asia and Tibet.

In parallel with my self-development, I came to discover my talents and capabilities and with the intention of leading a more enjoyable and content life, I started taking interest in different areas.

I appeared on stage with Okay Temiz's Rhythm Workshop for 3 years at various major concert venues in Istanbul; I attended live broadcasts and also took part in an album released. I have extensively enjoyed travelling and getting to know different cultures. In order to be able to communicate with the members of these various cultures in their native tongue, I learned italian, french and german in addition to english.

On top of all these, I have continued to explore different tastes and flavours of life by playing the flute, designing ceramic objects, studying history of art and dancing.

I have worked in the areas of marketing, media and corporate structuring at Ford Motor Company, Procter&Gamble and MLS Holding. Following my passion, I am currently working as a life coach after completing the Accredited Coach Training Program of International Coach Academy. I am the 20th PCC credentialed coach in Turkey and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Please click the logo below to see my page in International Coach Federation

Professional Life Coach Hakan Arabacioglu, PCC