Some have grown up in small cities where holding the hand of a man would be a big time conversation topic for days. Some, at the beginning of their womanhood, had to go through the rage of their fathers when they came into first contact with a man.  Unconsciously she learned this: “If I approach a man, I will get into trouble”.

Going forward, she didn’t and couldn’t approach a man. She hid her own femininity so that a man wouldn’t approach her. If it would be possible, she would even pray that her breasts wouldn’t grow. So that she wouldn’t be getting into trouble…

The mothers and grandmothers of some have cautioned plenty of times: “Oh honey, beware of men”. As such, she considered men as something dangerous that shouldn’t be trusted. She visualized half of the human beings on planet as boogeyman. In order to alienate herself from men, she has given up her femininity as well.

Some have observed many women around them that have been cheated on by their husbands, listened to the stories of adultery. She has said, “I don’t want to be a woman of this type” and has disowned her womanhood in its entirety.

In conclusion, as a result of giving up their womanhood due to one reason or another, all women have come across 3 different paths: Getting into motherhood right away by skipping their womanhood, becoming masculine or staying as a child.

When she forgot her womanhood role and became a mother, her husband was compelled to become a child as well. When she got into excessive masculinity, she started fussing about the passiveness and the weakness of the men that she came across. When she chose to stay as a child, she came across either dependent lovers that could not assume responsibilities or ones that acted like a father-figure. Therefore I assert that a woman will come across a man when she becomes a woman.

To what extent could you relate yourself to the examples above? Do you have a woman role-model? Have you ever observed how that role model talks, walks and approaches to men?

The only word that can be said to those who ask “How am I going to do this then?” would be: Start observing! Yourself, your body, the women around you, your wishes, desires.. The change occurs as a result of this. By becoming aware…

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